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National Education

National Education

Part of MOE’s initiatives, the purpose of National Education (NE) is to build national cohesion, as well as to bring forth the instinct for survival and to instill a sense of confidence in the future in our students.

NE in Tanglin Secondary School is taught to and experienced by students through formal lessons across all subjects, and through experiential learning opportunities. In formal lessons, teachers share vignettes related to Singapore’s past, growth in difficult times to the present opportunities and challenges we face when the subject matter lends itself to this objective. For instance, in Social Studies, which all Upper Secondary students read, students learn about globalisation. Through the topic, teachers share how Singapore has to continually stay competitive in an ever-changing world, and students reflect on the aspects they can work on to develop themselves in preparation for their future.

Experiential learning opportunities are provided to enhance students’ understanding of National Education. This can take the form of learning journeys designed by departments that focus on subject-related learning as well as elements of National Education.

Moreover, school-wide programmes such as the Morning Reading Programme and celebration of Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day are among the platforms provided for students to foster understanding and develop a strong sense of identity and rootedness to Singapore.



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